How to make a table for wood shop with simple materials

How to make a table for wood shop with simple materials

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Search Internet for free plans for work bench, this bench was created from free plans. Depending on your materials selected and what you already have I would be around $25-$40. They sell for over $200

Sample of tools needed

Check your wood supply and check off what you must cut, measure carefully so you don't waste material. Skill saw is really handy but it can be done with a hand saw.

Measure twice cut once and be careful and be accurate with your cuts.

Keep measurements square and cut slowly don't rush.

Check cut items off your list so you keep up with what you have cut.

Some assembly required

Stack cut materials together so you can keep track. You need 4 2x4's 24 inch, 4 at 30, and 4 at 45 inch.

Follow plans attach clamps to Wood to hold into place for drilling and screwing.

Don't tighten too much you will need to square the wood up and line them up with lite tap from hammer.

Measure and assemble wood as shown

Pre-drilling is suggested

Your choice but I pre-drilled small pilot holes so the screws would not split the wood. I also tapped them into the holes for the screw gun to do its job.

You need qty 40 3 inch wood screws

Handy tip: I used a clamp to hold up the wood while screwing in the screws since no one was nearby to help. This worked while taking pictures too!

Get the wood flush and level in all directions which is easier said than done with one hand while taking a picture or using screw driver.

Handy tip: I was a bit out of square with the wood so I used a winch strap to pull the wood closer together till I could screw it down.

See how winch strap makes the wood behave.

Here you go

I suggest trimming bottom shelf first before attaching to shelf. Test fit and mark from the bottom of the boards. I bought mdf plywood precut so it would fit inside my small car.

Use your skill saw and make your cuts do a test fit.

Here you go

Line up and attach top to wooden legs.

Adjust router bit to take off a small amount to take off the sharp edge.

Nice camera shot down front side of work bench table. Note pre- drilled holes on mdf plywood so the wood won't split.

Use circular or belt sander to get the edges smooth and remove chance for splinters.

One box suggested screws note size 3 inch

Second box of 1 1/2 for securing mdf top to legs.

Here you go I added two coats of polyurethane to protect the wood. You could stain, paint or leave natural. It's your choice. It was lots of fun and didn't take too long.

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