How to make a rabbit condo

How to make a rabbit condo

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This was my inspiration but I couldn't find it for less than $40.00 (by the time i shipped it) so I decided to build my own.

I started with a large wardrobe box from U-Haul. For extra height and easy cleaning I didn't fold down the flaps, but left them making a large square open at the top and bottom.

To give the box some support I zip tied a wooden dowel into each corner, with a zip tie at the top and bottom. (I used a knitting needle to poke holes in the box.)

For the first level I cut openings on two sides to make an open floor plan, and placed the boxes into opposite corners. I also cut a hole in the top of one to give access to the second floor.

I wanted to have a way to keep the boxes from moving without using stuff like tape and staples that bunnies love to eat, so I cut an "x" into the corner and slide the boxes down the corner dowels.

Here's Nigel checking out the start of the second level.

For his hay (or dining room) I took two boxes and placed them like so, I held the together with some zip ties.

For access inside the box I cut three holes on the sides.

A close up of the zip ties holding the boxes together.

Tip: try not to cut holes into the boxes until you are certain of placement, to give the chance to change your mind. I have holes cut out all ready as I had built the condo earlier.

Placement of the dining room to create the second level as well as the creating the third level.

A view through the the condo's second floor.

For the front entrance I placed another box and zipped tied it to the front (after cutting out an opening in the larger box). I also placed a second box on top to allow a second place for hay.

I was planning on leaving the top open but the metal pan from the bottom of his old cage fit perfectly for the roof and the dowels easily support the weight.

I placed a rug on the pan to keep Nigel from slipping, bunny paws don't like shinny surfaces. :(

I was able to hang his water dish from the side of the box.

I took a narrow board and drilled some holes in the top for the zip ties, and covered it with carpet using some binder clips to make a ramp.

The ramp attached to the side of the condo.

The finished product getting its home inspection.

A happy bunny!



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