How to make a hemp bracelet

How to make a hemp bracelet

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You need a roll of hemp

Then wrap the hemp around your wrist 3 times and then cut it off.

Then cut a string that is 3 times the length of the first one.

Fold both strings in half and then tie together. Make sure the smaller strings are in the middle.

Secure the top with strong tape.

Take the two smaller strings and tie them together just like you did to the top.

Put more tape on the bottom knot. It should look like this

Take your left string and cross it over the middle two.

Take your right string and cross it over the left one.

When tightening you knot it should look like this.

After that knot take the right string and put it over the middle. Take the left string and put it under the middle to make your knot just like you did before.

Jut keep switching back and forth from starting with the left and right strings.

Finished product.(: hope you enjoyed.

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